Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rainy day in Virginia... in more ways than one.

We picked a rainy day to travel to Washington, D.C., yesterday... and boy was it a crazy day! 
Pat had a funeral to attend at Arlington National Cemetery and we were all meeting with his sister, Kathy, for dinner so Savannah and I tagged along. I took Savannah to a nearby mall while Pat walked a mile from the metro station to the funeral... and because of traveling delays he missed most of the service.
By the time we got home last night there had been tornadoes across the state that killed 1 and injured 200, my family members had called to see if we were OK and Pat had a bad reaction to the McGriddle he ate earlier in the morning.
To top it off I flushed the toilet in our bedroom last night and water leaked out of the back! Apparently a piece of the toilet bowl has broken off the back and we're going to have to replace  the whole thing.
We have a home warranty that came with the house, but we're still waiting on a call to see if they will cover a new toilet.
It was a crazy day, but at least we had a nice dinner with Kathy.

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Megan said...

Good grief, what a day! Hope y'all are all recovered from your adventures now.