Thursday, April 24, 2008

Making a boy baby...

Pat came home last night and told me about a story that will be in his paper today. It's about a British study that determined women trying to conceive a boy should eat breakfast every day and bring more potassium into their diet.
At first I didn't believe him because everything I've read says it's the man who determines the sex of the baby.
So this morning during my normal online newspaper reads (before Savannah wakes up) I glanced over the story... and realized the findings show the if a woman eats more potassium and a daily breakfast than sperm that carry male chromosomes live longer in a richer environment.
Anyone who knows Pat knows he's hoping for a son... and that we're trying to have another baby in the next year.
So I guess he's going to start feeding me bananas and cereal every morning!

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P.B.S. aka Ms. F said...

Hmm this might be TMI but it also helps if you don't "use" the sperm as much, that way the male sperm will be more in stock so to speak, and you have a better chance at getting a boy.

I remember that from trying to have a boy when we were trying to get pregnent with Tai.