Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting a new toilet...

The verdict is in... we need a new toilet. Thank goodness we have the home warranty because it would have cost $400 to get a new toilet installed.
We came home last and I went to the bathroom. When I flushed the toilet water went every where. Apparently a piece broke off the back of the toilet bowl causing water from the tank to spill into the floor.
I pulled out the home warranty... which we got as a bonus when we bought the house. The booklet didn't specify whether toilets were covered, but I put in a work order online anyway.
I also read up on installing toilets.
This morning we found out the warranty does cover new toilets... which is great because when the plumber gave me paperwork that showed the bill would be $400!
He promised to be back by the end of the week to install the new toilet and I'm holding him to it... I have 12 people coming for a party on Sunday and the extra toilet could come in handy.
We really are  going to have to treat these toilets like china... 

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P.B.S. aka Ms. F said...

awww the joys of homeownership!

Glad everything worked out and the storms did not get near you or your family in Virginia.