Thursday, April 24, 2008

Diagnosis is in on Maggie - hyperthyroidism

I wanted to let you know we received test results on Maggie today and they show that she has hyperthyroidism, a common endocrine problem among older cats.
Here are some of the symptoms that make sense with the diagnosis:
- Extreme weight loss
- increased food consumption
- increased water consumption
- unkempt hair coat

I think she's had many of these symptoms for a few years and it just went undiagnosed.
We'll be able to treat this with medication, but it won't cure the problem and will have some side effects.
I included a photo taken about of us days after we brought Savannah home from the hospital... Savannah now chases Maggie and I can't get the two of them in a photo together.
Thanks for you kind words.


Megan said...

Thanks for the update on Maggie. I'm glad it wasn't cancer or something. I know hyperthyroidism isn't a good thing but at least it wasn't something worse. Tell Pat sorry I missed his call the other day. I was sleeping. :)

Sharon's New Life said...

He sometimes forgets we're on EST again... trust me when I say that if we were in Arkansas he would have still be sleeping!