Sunday, April 6, 2008

The joys of teething...

How could four baby teeth cause so much damage?
 I continue to ask myself this question as Savannah travels along the teething road. 
Teeth are a sign of being a toddler... one who can eat food and own a toothbrush. It broadens the baby food selections and enables us to eat out on the cuff (because we can find baby-friendly food any where.)
She wakes up in the middle of the night, chews on her fingers and now bites into anything (and everyone) she can sink her teeth into. She has crying fits where nothing calms her except medicine or Dairy Queen ice cream.
Last week she bit her father's T-shirt and into his nipple... in a flash he was screaming and she was crying (and Maggie had jumped up for her life). I just looked over at him and said "Now you feel my pain."
I have bruises on my shoulder, chest and legs due to those four small teeth.
And I have at least 18 more months to go.
The joys of motherhood!


Megan said...

Haha, I just laughed out loud - the visual of Pat screaming, Savannah crying, Maggie running for the hills, that visual was just too funny.

P.B.S. aka Ms. F said...

I am sooo glad we never had a biting least not one that bit us! LOL Cute story though!

Heather said...

I have found, as have others I've talked to, that it gets easier with each tooth. After the first ones, they get used to the pain or something and the teething difficulties ease. So think positive that it won't be 18 more months of that.