Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A missed star sighting...

Apparently Pat and I missed the biggest news in Washington D.C. by a week.
No it's not political or criminal.
We missed Angelina Jolie taking two of her children to the Air and Space Museum!
 Apparently Jolie and her two sons were a tourist attraction all their own. Here is a blurb from People's Web site:
"Accompanied by security guards and sporting a navy blue hoodie, 
6-year-old Maddox and 4-year-old Pax, in an olive green jacket, 
reportedly asked a barrage of questions as they gazed upon Space 
Hall, Skylab and the WWI and WWII aerial exhibits."

The old newspaper reporter in me always hated to miss the big story, but I must admit it doesn't bother me one bit that Jolie and her children beat us to D.C. by  a week. I hope they had a great visit and didn't get bombarded by too many camera crews and adoring fans.
I think Pat would have ran in the other direction had her visit coincided with ours because he HATES everything celebrity. 

Now if it had been Brad Pitt.... hmm, that would have been an extra bonus anniversary gift.

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