Monday, June 2, 2008

The Wiggles ~ Pop Go The Wiggles

Savannah and I (along with Cousin Erin) are going to see The Wiggles in concert in Fairfax this summer. Tickets go on sale later this month and I hope to get good seats for the three of us.
Anyone who knows our daughter understand that The Wiggles are "the bomb" to Savannah... she dances and claps when we watch them on television.
I know some people don't agree with children watching television, but I don't think a little singing and dancing can't hurt her.
I know she'll be excited to see the Wiggles along with Dorothy, Wags, Henry and Captain Feathersword (as will I).
Her Daddy decided he couldn't handle thousands of screaming kids so he's not going... thankfully Cousin Erin is going to join us for the fun afternoon.
It should be entertaining!


Ms. F said...

I am sure Savannah is going to love that! If Sponge bob ever came near I would have to take Zaynah and Tai! LOL

Remember, the wiggles are educational so that doesnt' count in regards to watching TV!

Megan said...

Wow, you are brave going to see the Wiggles with a zillion small children all around! :) I bet it will be awesome though. I remember when I was a kid my G-Mom and aunt took my sister and I and our cousin to see Sesame Street Live. That was so fun and I still remember how amazing I thought it was at the time. I guess Seasme Street Live was the in-thing back in the 80s! :)