Friday, June 20, 2008

A week now...

It's hard to believe Daddy has been gone a week today... it hardly seems like this time last Friday Savannah and I were sitting in the Charlottesville airport waiting to get on a plane. In one way it seems like forever and then it seems like it was just yesterday.
I know we did all we could for Daddy and he's now in a better place where there is no pain... up there with his beloved Mama and brother and sister. I worry more about my Mama and sister, Lynn, and how they're going to handle being in their apartment without him.
Several people have stopped by to collect things Daddy used ... his emergency alarm and his oxygen equipment. My sister and brother took down Daddy's hospital bed and they're expecting someone to come by next week and pick it up along with his wheelchair.
I think that is when it will really start sinking in that Daddy is never coming home again. 
My Mama, who has been out of work on partial disability for several months, will return to her job on Wednesday. I worry about her, but I know that working will keep her mind off the fact that Daddy is gone and allow her to move forward.
It's Lynn I worry about the most because she took care of Daddy every day. She's going to be in the apartment alone the most and I know it will be hard on her.
I'm hoping that Mama and Lynn will both grow wings now that Daddy is gone... he had been sick for a long time and it kept everyone in the house from really living.
I'm going to continue my daily calling... I've been talking to them every night for months and that will probably be more the case now that Daddy is gone.

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