Monday, June 23, 2008

A play date in Macon

Savannah and I met up with my friend, Heather, and her daughter Delia last month when we were in Macon. We had a great time catching up and letting the girls get to know each other.
I wish we lived closer because I think our girls would be great friends... even if there is several months in age difference between the two of them.
I wanted to post a few pictures that Heather took ... my camera was packed up and I forgot to take it out.
Savannah doesn't look too happy in her photo with Delia, but I promise you she had a great time playing with all of the different toys... and Delia was very gracious with Savannah who doesn't quite understand about sharing... she's used to having access to any toy she wants around here.

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Ms. F said...

Very cute! But then Savannah always is!