Monday, June 23, 2008

Pictures from the past...

My cousin, Misty, scanned these old photos and sent them to me today. They were from her Granny's collection which we pulled out last Monday after Daddy's funeral. There were a few I have never seen before and a couple that I haven't seen in a long time.
My Mama's photos were destroyed years ago so pictures of us have been hard to find.
The first one is of my Daddy when he was young... this is the youngest color picture I've ever seen of Daddy... although I can remember seeing a picture of Daddy when he was very young washing up after a day of working in the fields.
I can remember about the time the second picture was taken... it was in the lasted 70s when we lived in Florida and we were at a freezer for Tater Town.
The third picture is me and my older sister, Shannon. It must have been taken when I was close to Savannah's age because it looks like I have six teeth... just like my baby girl does.
The fourth picture is of me in elementary school... I can't remember the grade, but I do remember the woman combing my wild hair... I think that is why I look a little teary-eyed.
The final picture is a Christmas photo taken in the early 1980s... Mama has an 8x10 of this in her house, but I haven't seen a small version of it in years.

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