Friday, June 27, 2008

Seeing the peanut...

I got a pile of paperwork yesterday about my upcoming prenatal visit and was excited to learn that I'll get an ultrasound at my first visit on July 14. I chose a doctor who deals with high risk pregnancies and although my first pregnancy was smooth, my doctor at the time considered it risky because of my weight... therefore I wanted a doctor who would thoughtful of this so we can make sure this baby comes safely into the world.
It looks like we'll get several chances to see this little baby... the practice includes three ultrasounds during a patient's pregnancy... two in the first trimester and once in the second (which is the one everyone will be anticipating since it will determine the baby's gender).
I'm excited to see my little peanut next month and make sure everything is OK in there... I cried the first time I heard Savannah's heartbeat so I'm sure I'll be waterworks again.
Pat has already said he and Savannah will be staying at home or in the waiting room.

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