Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Power of the press...

I've forgotten how much controversy a small story can make. One of my recent freelance stories was about Albemarle County's proposed animal noise ordinance (targeting dogs). 
I started my story with a lady who owns two large dog and moved from the country to a subdivision a few years ago... the story goes on to talk with county officials and people against the ordinance.
Apparently the paper set up the system to send comments to Pat's work email... and he's now forwarding them to me.
Apparently the story has generated more than a dozen comments... some people mad at me for making readers feel sorry for the dogs and others saying that the story tells the situation as it is.
Pat seems to be enjoying probably what is happier email in his box after a two-day weekend.
I'm glad my story has generated some conversation on the topic... that's all a journalist can hope for.
It will be interesting to see what happens at the county's meeting tomorrow.


Ms. F said...

Wow that is something..but to be honest, how do you keep a dog from barking? I mean yes you can take them in the house if they are outside but mine stay inside and if they start barking they only stop when they get good and ready too!

Megan said...

How did u get that widget on your blog? I was trying to get a widget for my blog (a different one) but it would only let me download to my computer, and it didn't give me any html code or anything I could figure out how to get it on my blog with.