Sunday, June 22, 2008

Date night...

Pat and I actually had a date afternoon and not a date night. We decided to go to a matinee and then an early dinner... it would save a little money and we could get home in time to see the fireflies.
We had to do a little shopping first so we headed out to run a few errands and then went to see "Sex in the City." We got there a little early so I was able to count the seven men that we in the theater along with my husband... all of them were with their wives or girlfriends.
I thought it was a great movie for any "Sex in the City" fan... although Pat (who learned to enjoy SITC when he didn't have cable television several years ago) thought it was an hour too long. I laughed and cried with the women and I thought they had all matured into women with real relationships and not just women with various bed partners.
We then went to dinner at a small place called Rhett's River Grill and Raw Bar... it was a place Pat and his friend, Eliot, had checked out a few weeks earlier. We had a great appetizer and then burgers and fries... nothing fancy, but it was very good food.
We then came home and relaxed... watched a little fireflies and then turned in early.
Now I'm up early and waiting for my little one to come home this afternoon... it was nice to have a little baby-free time, but I'm ready to have my little girl back.


Megan said...

That sounds like fun. I'm glad you got some time to yourselves. I've been wanting to see Sex and the City, but I don't think Mickey is all that interested. :) He'd go with me if I asked him to but I think there are a few movies we'd like to see together first before that one. We saw Indiana Jones a week ago. And Mickey wants to see that Will Smith superhero movie and I want to see Wanted with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman.

Ms. F said...

Sounds like you two had fun!