Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A stay-at-home mom's worth = $117,000 per year

I just saw a story on about the value of a stay-at-home mom. It talks about how much a woman would make if she was paid for all the duties she does as a stay-at-home mom and they compared it to the salaries of similar jobs ... housekeeping, day care center teacher, van driver, psychologist and chief executive officer.
The total salary came up to $117,000 (rounded off)... for working moms they averaged an additional $68,000 for duties done at home.
The story goes on to say that stay-at-home moms average 94.4 hours of work per week and working moms average another 54.6 hours of "mommy work" per week.
Thats a lot of diaper changes, bottle feedings and toy clean-ups!
I totally have a new respect for both stay-at-home and working moms... there is never enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done or to get enough sleep! My sister reminded me of something that is very true... the work of single moms! I don't think there is enough money in the world that would reimburse what a single parent faces on her or his own... I couldn't imagine taking care of Savannah without Pat.
Here is a link to the story if you're interested:

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Ms. F said...

Yes it is hard to be both a working mom or a stay at home mom..even harder I imagine to be a single mom...I know I couldn't do it without my hubby!