Sunday, June 1, 2008

Swimming lessons for Savannah...

I'm officially a Yuppie Mom! 
I signed Savannah up for swimming classes through the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department. I know she's only a year old, but Pat and I don't think it's too early to get her familiar with the pool.
Heck, her father loves the water almost as much as he loves me... I think he only loves Savannah and Maggie more (just joking!). Savannah has three bathing suits so she's ready to go!
He's been determined since she was in utero that she would be a water baby... of course her first time in the ocean didn't go to0 well (as you can see from the picture I posted). It is still one of my favorite picture of Savannah... and a great memory I have of her first year with us.
Savannah and I will be in class for two weeks in late July... and both of us will be in the water with other parent-child duos.
It should be fun!
I was looking over the schedule and I missed the baby dancing classes and toddler tumbling classes... two things that I hope we can sign her up for next summer... along with the next set of swimming classes.


Megan said...

Hey, that's cool! Swimming has been one of my favorite things throughout my life, and I think all those years of swimming lessons had a lot to do with it. That ought to be a good bonding activity for y'all as well as a great experience for Savannah to get used to the water and not be scared of bobbing around in it or getting her face wet, etc.

Ms. F said...

That sounds like fun! I wished they had something like that in our area when the kids were small, I would have loved to have done that with them and have them swimming already!