Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The joys of motherhood..

Savannah has found a new way to get herself out of sleeping in her own bed. 
The last two nights she threw up all over her crib... thereby forcing me to strip her bed and wash everything. 
The first night Pat was here to clean her up while I cleaned up the vomit, but tonight I had to do it all by myself (and it was very disgusting!).
I looked online and apparently this is something a lot of kids go through... I think she's so upset about being in her room that she puts her fist in her mouth and accidently causes herself to vomit.
I brought her in the living room and she was smiling and chatting away... which leads me to believe she's not sick, but just vomiting by accident... there is no fever or sickness.
Everything I've read said that parents shouldn't make a big deal out of it... just clean it up and put her back to bed. That's what I've done tonight... I stripped the bed, cleaned up the floor, made the bed back up and put her  back in the crib.
If she vomits again I guess we'll have a repeat performance... this time I've put a towel near the corner of the bed so it will hopefully catch any vomit!
Ah, the joys of motherhood!

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