Friday, April 30, 2010

Yummy cupcakes...

We picked up the wonderful cupcakes our friend, Karin, bought for Savannah after we "lost" the cake topper.
Since we're not having an actual birthday party for Savannah, having both cupcakes and a cake is really too much so we'll be sharing lots of leftovers with the lucky folks who are working at the newspaper this weekend.
Karin ordered a dozen special cupcakes — including two with Sully and two with Mike — and the bakery did a wonderful job. They made the characters in fondant and although they were very fragile they were very realistic.
The only sad thing is one our way to lunch I tipped the box slightly and when I opened it several of the cupcakes had collided into the other.
Sully and Mike lost a few parts, but they still look REALLY cool and they tasted great!
Savannah's birthday, which is actually tomorrow, is off to a great start!


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