Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gift for Nana...

My children are lucky to have a lot of people who love them. I know that is a simple statement, but it's so true.
I don't think we can have enough people in the world who love us and I think it's even more important for children as it's that love that helps them grown into happy, productive people.
Savannah and Julius have a Grammy, a Grandma and a Nana — three women who are very important to me and love my children unconditionally. My friend, Sandra, is their Nana and she considers them to be the youngest of her six grandchildren.
Sandra and I met more than 10 years ago when I briefly dated her son, Shane, and she's been in my life ever since. She's like a second Mama to me so it would seem fitting that she loves my husband and children like they were her own as well.
Shane was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago and is now facing a kidney transplant. His family is raising money to help pay for his medical expenses and a local a local artist, Melissa, at MJH Designs (who doesn't know Shane) donated $6 to Shane's fund for every item she sold last week.
I asked Melissa to make Sandra a plaque (in Sandra's favorite color purple) and list all six of her grandchildren.
This is the result and I think it's just beautiful! I know Sandra will love it and it was a way to honor Sandra and help Shane in some little way!
So if you need any kind of gift (Mother's Day or other) and are interested in this plaque you can find Melissa's work on Facebook (MJH Designs) or at (at

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VKT said...

What a sweet thing for you to do for Sandra! You sound like such a sweet, caring person.

I love the picture of your precious little girl at the top of your blog.