Saturday, April 24, 2010

Missing mail...

I woke up this morning and realized the cake topper I ordered last week for Savannah's birthday had not arrived. It's a Monsters Inc. cake topper and most stores don't regularly carry it anymore since the movie is several years old.
I didn't really start worrying until I looked up the package's tracking number and it said the package was delivered to our house on Wednesday.
I knew that couldn't be the case because I checked the mail as the carrier was about three houses up the street and there was nothing in the box. I know it was Wednesday because we went to the job fair that day and I dropped Pat off at his office.
So, I called the Postal Service and asked for an investigation... and then I left a note for the mail lady to see if maybe she had it in her Jeep.
In the meantime I started thinking about a Plan B as Savannah has her heart set on having a Monsters Inc. cake for her birthday.
Enter our friend, Karin, who is Julius' godmother and apparently is thinking much clearer than I am on the subject. She got on the phone from her home in south Florida and started calling bakeries in Charlottesville... and she found a local bakery who would custom-make Sully and Mike, the two main characters on Monsters Inc, for us.
So on Friday I will pick up a dozen custom made cupcakes, four designed with Monsters!
And the post office will continue looking for our cake topper... I'm sure it will be found the following week after Savannah's birthday!


crisc23 said...

O NO..good thing for a back up plan. My kids party is on the 2nd so I know the feeling of waiting on last min things to arrive. Hope it comes before your party

jackie said...

Hope the cake topper gets there in time. But at least you guys found a place that makes those cupcakes.

Have a great weekend!

Cheeseboy said...

A party just aint a party without a decent cake topper. Darned that postal service!

1001tears said...

OK I'm a wee bit late from Friday Follow. But I'm following you back!