Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Building a swingset...

Pat went out today and bought a swing set kit from Lowe's ... and he spent the afternoon beginning the process of putting it together (you can see he has a helper).
We had to go with a smaller unit as we don't have a lot of room in the back yard and had to make sure it would fit.
I think he finished steps one through three of the 12-step process of putting the tower together... then he'll have to add the swings and the slide.
I begged him to consider having the Lowes guys come out and building it, but that would have doubled the price of the swing set and wouldn't have been nearly as much fun (his words, not mine).
So, I'm including a few pictures of the first afternoon of building and a picture of what the swing set will look like (not exactly, but sort of) when it's complete.
I'll keep you updated with how the progress goes as Pat hopes to have it up and usable by the weekend.
We'll see...

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