Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playing at the park...

We planned to take the kids to the Mommies group easter egg hunt on Thursday, but Pat got a late start and didn't make it out of the house with the kids until it was too late to get to the hunt (I had a doctor's appointment that morning).
So we scrapped the idea of Pen Park and went to the park where we had Savannah's birthday party last year... and the kids had a great time playing before we ate Pat's picnic lunch and then came back home.
Julius, who now runs instead of walks, picked up several things and put them into his mouth... and then came home and woke up congested... the next morning I had to take him to the doctor and she diagnosed him with croup.
You would never know it from these pictures as he was having a great time.
Savannah met a little girl (whose name I can't remember) and she had a great time playing with her until she had to leave.
The weather has been beautiful and hopefully it will continue in the weeks ahead so we can get out and plant that little garden I promised myself I was going to plant once the snow melted.

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