Friday, April 30, 2010

Mystery solved...

I just realized I didn't let everyone know that Savannah's Monsters Inc. cake topper FINALLY turned up after a week of being on the WANTED list!
Apparently our mail lady was off last week and a new substitute handled our part of the route. She somehow delivered all of our mail that day (which also included a check) to the neighbors two doors down. I'm not sure how she did this as our address is 663 and their address is in the 700s.
Anyway, it took them a week to bring our mail to us and I actually met them as I was driving the trash down to the trash can at 9:30 p.m. Luckily, they were at the bottom of our driveway and didn't have to jump out of the way to avoid a crazy woman who doesn't like to back down our driveway at night.
So, with Savannah's cake topper in our possession we made the decision to reorder the cake I canceled on Monday. She will now get custom-made Monster Inc. cupcakes and a Monsters Inc. birthday cake.
I can see Pat's co-workers will have plenty of sweets to eat this weekend!


crisc23 said... I'm sure her party will be a blast. My kids party is Sunday and I've had some fun obstacles already. Glad it all worked out =)

Amber said...

It's great that the cake anc cupcakes will work out. I hope we get to see pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower!
~Amber @ The Mom Road

Your Mommy Friend Lori said...

I'm glad it worked out, These things matter a great deal to our kids, what a good mommy!

Elaine said...

Your daughter is adorable! I'm a new follower from FF! BTW- I grew up in Arkansas!

Cheeseboy said...

Monsters Inc. cake sounds good to me! As long as it has frosting, I will eat it.

Sara said...

Love your blog and am now following! Thanks for following me!
Have a great weekend,