Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bunny cake 2010...

We made another Easter Bunny cake last night and I let Savannah have the fun of decorating the bunny (after I frosted it). We were missing the pink icing to make whiskers and decorate the bunny's ears so I let Savannah have fun with it and decorate it as she wanted to.
I figure this is the last year she'll have the cake to herself as Julius was already interested in what was going on at the table.
I'm calling this the mosaic bunny as he's decorated with jelly beans, marshmallows and Cadbury eggs.
Savannah had a great time and I guess that is all that matters and my plans are to send the cake to the newspaper office with Pat this afternoon... although I'm not sure that she didn't lick icing off a few of the candies and put them back on the cake.

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