Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

Wow, this probably could not have come at a better time as this has not been the best week for me. We've got a lot of emotional things going on that I won't get into on the blog, but it's made for a lot of conversations between Hubby and I about how to handle things and what to do.
We also found out that Pat's job will probably end next week and although I know it's the best thing because he needs to concentrate on finding something new, it's also scary for someone who likes to have things planned out well ahead.
So, here are the things I'm thankful for:

1. My wonderful husband who has sacrificed his own happiness for the last two and a half years to take care of our family. He's been unhappy for a long time at his job and as the end nears I'm hopeful he or I one will find jobs that will make us happy.
I'm also thankful for how much he loves me as I think that love is really rare and I'm very lucky to have it.

2. I'm thankful for my two children, Savannah and Julius.
There are moments they make me laugh and moments they make me cry, but God blessed me with these children and I will fight to the death for them.

3. I'm thankful for my family and even if we don't always agree, I hope they respect and trust my decisions. Sometimes the right choices are not always the easiest ones, but I have to believe there is a better day of understanding ahead.

4. I'm thankful for the freelance work I've been able to do this week... it's nice to have contributed a little to the Fitzgerald Family coffers this month.

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Cheeseboy said...

Your husband sounds great. I hope he finds a job he loves. Sounds like he deserves it.