Sunday, May 2, 2010


Pat will tell you that I love to watch reality television and I would have to agree... what newspaper reporter who spent years being in other peoples' business wouldn't love shows about other peoples' business?
I have to say that my favorite reality show is Ruby, a show on the Style network about Ruby Gettinger, a Georgia woman who has been battling weight issues for most of her life. She was 715 lbs. at her highest weight and is now under 350 lbs. and working to get to a healthier weight.
I've never been as heavy as Ruby was at her highest, but I've been hooked on her story and I see so much of my life in hers. She and I both have very little memory of our childhoods and we use our smiles and friendly personalities to hide from the pain and sadness we feel.
Tonight was the season finale of the show and Ruby and her friends went to a six-day retreat to get to the root of why they're so overweight. Several of the women (including Ruby) had breakthroughs and I could so relate to some of the things they said.
Ruby admitted that she spent most of her growing up years chasing after men who were emotionally unavailable to her and I've had my share of those relationships too. In fact, it wasn't until I met Pat that I really found a man who loved me for all of me - weight, flaws and all.
Since my wedding anniversary a few weeks ago I've been thinking about my need to start focusing on the weight I need to lose. Although I had two great reasons not to have lost weight in the first three years of my marriage (because I gave birthday to two babies in a 24-month time span), I have no excuse for how I've spent the last 14 months.
My test results (anemia and low Vitamin D levels) last week just show me that it's time I get some control of my weight and start living a healthier life... because I have a husband and two children who need me and I need to stick around for a long time.
I highly recommend Ruby for anyone who wants to watch an inspirational story... she's got a thick Georgia accent, but I think she's really got a great story to tell.


Cheeseboy said...

I might have to check her out. I know Rudy was inspiring.

blueviolet said...

I only caught it once but it really was good. I have the DVD now so I can catch up! Thanks for reminding me that I haven't watched it yet!