Monday, May 3, 2010

Check-up time for Savannah...

Now that Savannah's birthday has passed it's time to take her in for her annual check-up. This year, she'll get the added bonus of her first dentist visit and I'm hoping it goes smoothly.
My dentist doesn't start seeing patients until they are three and I talked to him and our pediatrician about the need to take the children to the dentist before that time. Both the dentist and the doctor told me that unless the children were having problems with their teeth there really wasn't anything a pediatric dentist could do for them.
I'm sure there are plenty of parents out there who would disagree, but I followed their advice and have waited until now to take Savannah in.
I hope she doesn't get too freaked out by the dental assistant poking around in her mouth... they explained to me that the visit would really just consist of looking at her teeth and talking to her about proper brushing.
We have her three-year check-up right after that and then I've promised her lunch at her favorite place... which these days could be Chick-fil-A as she loves the playground there.
I'll post tomorrow on our our visit goes... let's hope for the best!


Christine said...

Hope it went well!

There is so much advice out there, you have to go with the people you trust. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I’m your newest follower too. I look forward to checking out more of your blog. :)

Happy Gramma said...

The winner of the Mother's Day basket is.....Drum roll!!!!!!

SHARON of A Flock of Fitzgeralds

Congratulations, Sharon!

Please contact me @ with your address so I can get this out to you immediately.