Saturday, May 1, 2010

Savannah's special day...

We celebrated Savannah's big day with a family day... and for us that is a big deal because Pat usually works on Saturdays and he took today off to spend with our little girl.
I hurried around this morning and decorated the kitchen table with the plastic table cloth Savannah wanted (Disney Princesses) and her gifts. Pat and I gave her a First Discovery Drum Set (which retails for $50 and I bought at TJ Maxx for just $15!) and Julius gave Savannah a battery-operated bubble blower.
I'm not sure which one she liked the most, but she seemed excited by the gifts she got. I just hope we don't regret buying the kid a drum (and harmonica)!
Pat made Savannah's favorite breakfast - blueberry pancakes - and then we headed out to the Virginia Discovery Museum. We got free family passes from the newspaper and it was a nice little place for the kids to run around.
We came home for some outdoor time and then finished up Savannah's special day with pizza and Monsters Inc. cake at our favorite pizza joint, Vinny's.
Pat and I felt a little guilty that we didn't throw Savannah a birthday party with her friends, but it was nice to spend the day with her without having to stress about pulling a party off!
A great time was had by all... and our little girl got a lot of Daddy, Mama and Julius time!


Cheeseboy said...

Don't feel guilty. We rarely give our kids friend parties. The family parties are just as fun and you don't have to be responsible for other kids.

Sharon's New Life said...

Thanks so much for that reassurance as this so isn't the best time for us to be blowing money on a party.
We had a much, much better time making it a family-only event!

Karen said...

We don't throw Birthday Parties for the kids every year we go out as a family wherever they want. We decorate the kitchen with whatever theme they pick just like you did, and they have a blast each and every time.

The memories that they'll treasure the,are those times that are well spent with their whole family on special occasions like Birthdays (especially at that age).