Monday, May 31, 2010

Dancing Savannah

This is a video Pat took of Savannah this weekend dancing to music on her favorite Sirius channel, The Escape. She's hilarious as she dances around, stumbles a few times and even tries to do a few splits.
It's a long video, but worth it if you want to see her twirl and then fall over in exhaustion at the end. The video ends abruptly because Pat made me edit out the ending where I'm screaming that she has a large ant crawling up her leg.
He forgets that I was born in the world of fire ants... and when I see an ant, I instantly think they're going to bite!


Rachel said...

Aww, that was cute!

You've got quite a littler ballerina on your hands. I saw a few pique arabesques and tendus in there! :)

Have a great Memorial Day!

jackie said...

Aw, she's so cute!!! I loved when she twirled around!