Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day in Virginia Beach...

We drove down to Virgina Beach last night to spend Mother's Day with my in-laws.
I have to admit that I hit the jackpot in the In-Laws Lotto as I love Pat's parents as if they were my own.
We went out for our usual "Shopping With Grammy" adventure, a favorite pastime of Savannah's and something she asked to do every time we visit. Even when we don't have anything specific to shop for, Savannah like getting out with Grammy (and Mama, Daddy and Julius) for a little time at the mall.
We usually focus so much on the children or Pat that I never pick out anything for myself... so day, I got to do a little shopping for myself and I enjoyed finding a few new items to wear this summer. I didn't enjoy waiting in line 20 minutes to try some of the clothes on, but I digress.
Here are a few pictures from our afternoon before and after our shipping adventure. I figure no one (including me) wants to see photos of me modeling my new clothes... so here are my cute kids instead!

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