Friday, May 28, 2010

A last-minute reprieve...

Like a death row inmate waiting for a call from the Supreme Court, Pat got an email today asking him to stay at the newspaper another month while they worked out kinks in their new system. He wasn't expecting it, but we're glad it came.
He agreed to stay and now we'll both have another month to find jobs.
I know he's not jumping up and down with excitement to be staying on at the paper, but he and I both know that it's better to have someone in the house working than both of us looking around at each other and wringing our hands wondering when another job was going to come.

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VKT said...

Bless your heart sweet lady! I can empathize with you as my husband was laid off over one and a half years ago. He worked for Nortel for 27 years before being laid off. They gave him a year's severance....until one month later....they declared bankruptcy. His pension was frozen, severance discontinued and benefits stopped. I am going to keep your sweet family in my prayers.