Friday, May 7, 2010

The importance of a card...

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I love to give and receive cards.
Whether it's a thank you note or a card for a birthday or special occasion, I enjoy acknowledging people by sending them a little reminder they are on my mind. I certainly love to look in the mailbox and see that someone has send me a little piece of mail to let me know they were thinking of me, Pat or the children.
I'm not sure when I started my love of cards, but for a long time I kept every card ever sent to me. Those boxes have been purged over the years as moves have forced me to downsize, but I've kept those cards most important to me.
I started sending out cards as soon as I had my own money and I still try to remember special days or send little notes of thanks when someone does something nice for us.
Yesterday I received a beautiful Mother's Day card from Mom and Dad Fitzgerald (to those new to the blog they are my wonderful in-laws). Although we'll actually be with them on Mother's Day, it made me feel so special to have a card in the mail beforehand.
I think Mom has a master calendar with everyone's birthdays and anniversaries on it because she rarely fails to remember all of our special days. I don't know if she realizes how much her efforts mean to the recepients, but I know how much it means to all of us in this house.
The card reminded me to post a little tidbit on my blog to thank them and remind those of you who are reading this to get out and get that special card for the women in your life. You never know when that card can change the outlook of a day or make a difference to the recipient.

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