Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to shop...

I know there will come a day when my pre-pregnancy clothes won't fit anymore... and although I made it to my fifth month of first pregnancy before I had a baby belly, I'm not sure I'll be so lucky this time.
So I got up this morning to check out maternity clothes at JCPenney.com... they were having a big sale along with free shipping so I picked out a few things and ordered them.
No problem... figured that would be enough to at least get me started.
Then Savannah and I went with Pat to Charlottesville today... and we headed to the mall while he  worked for a few hours. Our stroll ended up in the Motherhood store... where low and behold they were having a huge sale on clothes.
I have to brag because I bought three pairs of pants and two blouses for just $36!
I now have enough maternity clothes to make it through most of my pregnancy.


Shannon M. said...

Hey, girl! I remember the last time I saw you at Book Club (Michelle B's house)you were excited about the great deal you got on Savannah's cute little outfit ;) I remember spending a lot of time in that store when I was pregnant with my little Ladybug! I just found your blog today. CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby!!! I didn't know you were pregnant (of course I haven't been in the newsroom forever).

A friend and I started a new website for moms in Northwest Arkansas a little over two months ago. Here's the link: http://nwamotherlode.com/

It's so good to "see" you! Savannah is so very adorable....

Megan said...

Hey, that's a good deal on the clothes! Glad you found some things you liked, and were able to do it frugally too.