Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How about them apples?

Pat has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. It's been eight months since he went to the doctor and stress at work has brought on more than a few sources of pain.
Shanay, a friend of mine from New Jersey, is visiting so we're going to leave her at the mall tomorrow while we go to doctor's office. Hopefully Pat won't get pricked and prodded too much (because he hates anything that has to do with needles)... and that we get a few answers as to what is going on with him.
I'll post a little more tomorrow... in the meantime, please send some positive thoughts Pat's way... he'll be stressed out until he leaves that doctor's office.
Maybe I should start feeding him an apple a day?


Anonymous said...

Might not be a bad idea since nothing else seems to be working. Hope the stress level will ease abit at the newspaper. Stay positive!

Ms. F said...

I hope you guys get good news! Get well soon Pat!