Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We bought a potty chair for Savannah this week...  not because we're anxious to get her potty-trained, but because I wanted her to get used to having it around the bathroom.
She's sat on it a couple of times, but hasn't used it yet... and this one is special because it will play a song every time she goes to the bathroom!
She went around Target on Monday pressing the button to the chair and "moving" to the music.
I hope she'll continue to have some interest in the chair until she gets to the point where she's actually ready to use it.
We'll be really excited if that time comes before Baby Bean arrives!
In the meantime, I have to make sure I don't stub my toe on the chair when I go to the bathroom.

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Ms. F said...

Good luck with really takes awhile to get them potty trained, even when you think they are mature enough to handle it, it is them actually learning how to control the muscles that is the problem.
You don't know how many times I had to defend Zaynah due to this, everyone thought she was so very smart and could speak so well, tell you anything etc, she should be potty trained, but she just now learned the whole concept and is doing well!