Thursday, July 10, 2008

A scare...

Pat had a little scare today with his medication. Pat was supposed to take one pill on Wednesday, two pills on Thursday and then the regular daily dose of three pills on Friday. 
He only made it to the second pill before he had a reaction that totally stopped him from taking the medication (which I can't think of the name of right now).
Pat took the second dose of his medicine early this morning (because the first dose made him really groggy last night) and he quickly went back to sleep. Fast-forward four hours and he was up and getting ready to go into the office.
He showered and got dressed, but then he couldn't get his socks on. It hurt me just about as much as it hurt him to watch as he tried to get his legs and brain to work together.
It took him an hour  to put on his socks... and by that time we had made an emergency appointment at the doctor's office.
The doctor determined Pat had a bad reaction to the new medication and he won't be able to take it again... so we're back to square one on how to treat his legs.
I'm just glad he's back to his old self this evening.


Megan said...

Good grief, that's scary! I'm glad he wasn't trying to drive and had that brain moment!

Ms. F said...

Glad everything is ok now!