Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seeing Baby Bean...

I'm excited to go to my first prenatal appointment tomorrow afternoon. With all of the stress of this past month, I'm looking forward to going to the doctor and making sure everything is OK with this baby.
I'm hoping to actually get a chance to have an ultrasound... which is something the doctor's office in Arkansas didn't offer when I was pregnant with Savannah. According to my calculations we're seven weeks pregnant and that is the mark I have to be to have an ultrasound at the first visit.
We didn't get a chance to see Savannah until I was in my fourth month... and she was a good girl and  kept her legs crossed so we couldn't see anything!
I'm just looking forward to seeing the small "baby blob" we can see at seven weeks... which should include the heartbeat.
It's going to be really exciting.

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Megan said...

Good luck at your appointment! I hope you are able to see him/her.