Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nap time for Mama...

I can tell you that my pregnancy symptoms have now kicked in full force: Morning sickness, insomnia, sore boobs, need to nibble constantly, powerful smell ability, loss of brain power and most importantly - A NEED TO NAP!
I had most of these issues when I was pregnant with Savannah (loss of brain power high on the list), but I don't remember being as exhausted as I am this time. I really think it's because I traded my full-time newspaper job for the full-time Mama job... and that can wear you out and then some!
I had a freelance interview today and asked Pat to keep Savannah up so she and I could take a nap together when I came home. He called me when I was driving back and said she finally fell out... and I put my car in overdrive so I could get in a little nap time before Savannah was awake again.
Thank goodness my beautiful daughter took a long nap... we were able to sleep for about 1.5 hours.
It's going to be a long nine months!

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