Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on Maggie cat 2...

Pat took Maggie back to the vet yesterday for a check-up, but I waited to post an update because we were hoping to get some blood test results back today.
The good news is Maggie has gained a pound since she was last at the vet... and the bad news is Maggie has gained a pound since her last visit to the vet.
How can it be both good and bad news you ask?
The fact that Maggie has gained weight is good, but any weight gain is very unlikely in cats with a hyper thyroid. The vet tested Maggie for cancer and we're waiting on the results (though the doctor doesn't seem to think she has cancer).
I told Pat tonight that Maggie's doctor bills are more than Savannah's these days!
Here is a picture of Maggie I took earlier today... she is looking and seems to be feeling better.

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Megan said...

I understand about the vet bills. Zoey's gotten rather expensive in the last couple of months herself. Ah but I love her so I gotta take care of her :)

Hope everything is OK with Maggie.