Monday, May 26, 2008

Love and fireflies...

Last night I realized just how little alone time Pat and I have had by allowing Savannah to co-sleep with us. Don't get me wrong as I have enjoyed having my wonderful daughter close to us, but it has kept Hubby and I from having any real couple time in the last year.
We were able to have some time to ourselves last night after putting Savannah to bed... which was a little more difficult because she knew Daddy was home.
We took the baby monitor and sat outside in our back yard for more than an hour... hoping to see a few fireflies. Pat gathered some sticks and built a little fire in our grill and we listened to the snap and crackle as it burned in front of us.
It was just nice to have a little time to ourselves in the peace of country living.
It took a little while, but we finally saw the faint light of one firefly... and a few minutes later there was another one... and then another one.
Pat explained to me that fireflies produce light while trying to find a mate and we held hands and continued watching more and more "mating lights" appear over our heads. By the time we came inside, the fire was out and we were looking up at a beautiful starry sky.
Tonight I hope we can take the baby monitor and a blanket to the front yard and enjoy some more alone time... and see a few fireflies.

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