Thursday, May 15, 2008

Savannah in Georgia...4

I wanted to post a few pictures of our time in Georgia. We've been busy visiting and relaxing (seems like Savannah and I are both pooped by the end of the day!). I'm hoping my nieces and nephew will visit soon so we can get some pictures.
The first picture is of Savannah and her Grandma... they're busy talking to each other. The second is a picture of Savannah playing with the computer her cousin Zaynah lent her during her visit. Savannah really likes it and I'm tempted to see if Zaynah might be willing to part with it.

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Ms. F said...

LOL..consider it parted is now Savannahs..Zaynah never plays with it anymore since she got the one from Santa..
I am glad Savannah is enjoying it!
Hopefully we will be over tomorrow..Zaynah went to bed early tonight, she is either pooped out or teething..she had a lite fever and has been complaining about her tooth for the last few days..