Saturday, May 17, 2008

More photos from Savannah's party...

Here are some more photos from Savannah's birthday party.
The first is four generations: Savannah, Mama, Savannah and Grandma.
The second is Savannah posing with her cousin Lindsay and modeling the cowgirl hat.
The third is Grandma and Great-grandma posing with all four grandkids: Shayla, Zaynah, Tai and Savannah (look closely as Savannah has her hand on Tai's face).
The fourth picture is Aunt Lynn with her nieces and nephews.
The fifth picture is Savannah with her cousins Shayla, Zaynah and Tai.


Ms. F said...

beautiful pictures! You really do have a talent for taking pics..We had a great time today! Shayla is already asking when you guys will be back!

Sharon's New Life said...

We're going to try to come back before the end of the year... I think we'll take the Amtrak down and ride through the night.
That just sounds like fun!

Megan said...

Such wonderful family photos!