Saturday, November 1, 2008

Simplifying my life...

Sometimes you have to move aside and let the craziness of life pass you by.
This is what I decided to do this week after realizing certain people and things in my life were bringing me unneeded stress.
I think it's safe to say that I've always been a people pleaser... someone who tries very hard to make others happy even if it comes at my own mental and financial expense. I've tried to help people when I could and keep my mouth shut against craziness when I probably shouldn't.
It's a trait I learned early in life and have fought against over and over through the years.
This week, I realized that my attempts to people please were causing me too much stress and making me a person I didn't want to be. I spent way too much time worrying about the longterm effects a person's actions were going to have... something I can't control and wasted energy even thinking about.
So I decided that it was time I took action and cut those stressors out of my life.
It has been easier than I imagined and has already brought me more peace of mind than I imagined it would.
I'm learning that you can love people, but not their actions... and sometimes letting them go is the best thing to do.


Anonymous said...

You have brought others sooo much peace of mind as well...I hope you find what ever it is you are lacking in your life...I for one am glad to be rid of you and your need for drama...Your actions this past week are very inmature and child can not cut off people when you share a mother and brother with them...I know you will delate this but I just had to make sure you actually got to read what I thought about this since you never give anyone a chance to get something off their chest.

Anonymous said...

And I do not see how much of a people pleaser you are when you have cutt off one sister three times for talking back to you when you have called her spouse a "bum", but your mother and sister between the both of you and when she asked you to stop you cut her off, and the final time when she stood up and told you to stop making assumputions about her and her family. The other "toxic" person in your life that you have told her and others that she would be homeless once your parents died, and is sitting by and watching your mother kill herself, made a assumpution about you, and you could not take that...Pot meet Kettle...You know you have a problem with relationships, you can not hold on to friends for long, they always "upset" you in some kind of way and you let them go, just like you have your aunt, and your grandmother. It is only time before you cut everyone else off too..

This is the time I will communicate with you..everything is off my chest not contact me anymore...

Good ridiance to bad rubbish