Thursday, November 20, 2008

Play date and learning lab

Savannah and I ventured out today for our first official play date... and we had a great time.
Heather, a stay-at-home mom of two, hosted the event at her house. There were five mommies and seven children (not including Julius).
Savannah was the youngest of the four toddlers and there were three infants (the youngest was two months old).
I'm proud to say Savannah did really well with the babies... all of the talk about petting Maggie softly worked well because she wanted to touch the babies and I told her that she had to touch softly.
Let's hope she does this well when Julius comes home.
She also did well with the older kids (the older two were each 2 years old; Heather's daughter, Brooke, is 20 months; and Savannah is 18 months), but the two older girls were a little too aggressive with her.
Savannah got pushed and hit a couple of times and I tried not to get too upset about it... the mothers got on to their daughters, but Savannah just looked at me like "Why did they do that to me?"... then she would cry.
When the other mothers left, Heather told me they usually pick on Brooke because she's younger and won't hit back... and I'm torn as to how to explain all of this to Savannah and if I should expect and hope she will hit the other children back.
Heather was also kind enough to give me a Graco double stroller... one she bought and used for only two days before she received one her parents bought for her that she liked a lot better. I tried to pay her for the stroller, but she wouldn't take any money.
It's a huge relief to me because that is one of the things we were going to have to buy.
I'm hoping we can have more play dates with just Savannah and Brooke because I could see the two of them becoming good friends. Plus, Julius could already have a friend when he gets here.
After our play date, we went to the University of Virginia's Learning Lab, a teaching facility where they study how children do specific things.
Savannah was tested on how well she could sort various toys into boxes. She was able to take all of the toys and put them into boxes, but she never did separate them by type of toy.
The technician told me there was no pass or fail and that some children were able to sort them while others couldn't even get them in the boxes.
I was proud that Savannah picked up all of the toys and put them away... something I've been teaching her with her bath toys.

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