Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun at the Virginia Discovery Museum...

Savannah and I went to the Virginia Discovery Museum today to meet with other parents and their kids for Toddler Time. We were supposed to meet with some mommies we had lunch with several months ago ... but we couldn't find them and ended up venturing out on our own.
Savannah loved the museum... especially the large mirror that was the backdrop for a puppet stage. She kept going back to the stage and looking at herself in the mirror.
We went into a Toddler Time group and listened to a story about a little boy who played music with sticks. When the volunteer handed out the musical sticks, Savannah took two and happily played with the other children in the circle.
But when the music started, Savannah stood up, put her sticks down and started dancing in the middle of the circle. Everyone thought it was cute and it made me proud that she doesn't have any shyness about her.
We'll have to go back to the museum with Daddy so they can explore things together... and I have another set of hands and legs to chase after Savannah.

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Megan said...

That sounds like fun! I loved doing that sort of thing as a kid. Though I was always the shy one.