Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pop Goes the Wiggles...

Savannah and I leave tomorrow for a three- day adventure that will include going to see the Wiggles, spending a few nights with Grammy and Papa and then going to visit Cousin Erin on Saturday.
We won't be home again until Sunday... so Daddy will have plenty of time to rest and play with his new Wii Fit (I'm sure he'll try it while we're gone).
I can't wait to see Savannah's face tomorrow when the Wiggles come on stage... I know she's going to have a blast! I just hope I don't cry with excitement for her because I know she'll enjoy every minute of it.
We'll also enjoy spending some time with Grammy and Papa (Savannah's name for her Granddaddy) on Friday because they'll be in bed when we get there tomorrow night. We're planning to leave their house on Saturday and head to Erin's for a Pampered Chef party... and then home on Sunday before Pat misses us too much.
I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow at the concert and post them after Savannah goes to bed.


Megan said...

Hope y'all have fun!

Aunt Linda said...

hope you have a safe trip.. and have lots of fun
love ya
your cousin linda