Saturday, November 1, 2008

A reason for change...

I wanted to post two comments my older sister, Shannon, left on my blog earlier today.
Shannon and I have never had a close relationship... we've made choices and taken different life paths that have only driven us further apart.
This week I decided that I needed to limit my stress level and cease contact with Shannon ... a choice that many people over the years have suggested, but one I've had a hard time actually doing. No one wants to walk away from family... even though it makes sense to do that or stay in some toxic soup we all create together.
I could defend myself on some of these allegations, but it isn't worth it because I see this as a last desperate attempt for Shannon to hurt my feelings... something that I won't give her the satisfaction of doing.
All of you who have been invited to this blog know me pretty well... and you can make your own decision on whether these postings are true.

P.S. You can see the actual comments under the Simplifying My Life... Shannon used our aunt's password to get onto my blog and left these comments... I have left them for you all to see it yourselves.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have brought others sooo much peace of mind as well...I hope you find what ever it is you are lacking in your life...I for one am glad to be rid of you and your need for drama...Your actions this past week are very inmature and child can not cut off people when you share a mother and brother with them...I know you will delate this but I just had to make sure you actually got to read what I thought about this since you never give anyone a chance to get something off their chest.

November 1, 2008 3:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I do not see how much of a people pleaser you are when you have cutt off one sister three times for talking back to you when you have called her spouse a "bum", but your mother and sister between the both of you and when she asked you to stop you cut her off, and the final time when she stood up and told you to stop making assumputions about her and her family. The other "toxic" person in your life that you have told her and others that she would be homeless once your parents died, and is sitting by and watching your mother kill herself, made a assumpution about you, and you could not take that...Pot meet Kettle...You know you have a problem with relationships, you can not hold on to friends for long, they always "upset" you in some kind of way and you let them go, just like you have your aunt, and your grandmother. It is only time before you cut everyone else off too..

This is the time I will communicate with you..everything is off my chest not contact me anymore...

Good ridiance to bad rubbish


Megan said...
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Megan said...

Sorry about the deleted comment above. That was me. I posted my comment prematurely. :) Anyway...

Good grief. I can see why you are "cleaning house" so to speak. I am sorry that you are having these problems, and I know it must be even harder since they are family members and I don't think anyone ever wants to cut family ties.

You have always been a good friend to me, and you have always been very perceptive in our conversations. Perhaps you are too perceptive for some people... (for them to admit to, to be able to own up to, or they are threatened by it.) But obviously that ain't your fault.

Sharon's New Life said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. Believe me when I say that it took a lot of time before I was able to admit that I could no longer continue living with this family drama... it was too much for my mental health.
When Shannon posted these comments earlier it really upset me, but then I realized it was a chance to show others why I made the decision I did.