Sunday, November 16, 2008

Savannah's sleeping habits...

We haven't had a lot of luck lately getting Savannah to sleep in her own bed. She's started teething again and it's kept all of us from getting a good night of sleep.
Savannah and I spent Friday night in the recliner because she didn't want to lay down... I'm not sure if it was the pressure from her new teeth or what, but the only way she would sleep was for me to hold her in my arms.
Last night, we tried two times to put her into her crib. She woke up both times screaming and ended up sleeping between the two of us. When Pat brought her into the living room this morning she was screaming... I had to use Tylenol and teething medicine to calm her down.
I went out afternoon to do some grocery shopping (the best deal I got was a 17 lb. turkey for $4 - thank goodness for sales and coupons) and Savannah stayed with Pat. He called me right as I was leaving Kroger and I could hear Savannah screaming in background... by the time I got home she had cried herself to sleep and he was mentally exhausted!
I'm hoping we'll get a good night of sleep tonight as we have those pictures to take tomorrow. Here is a picture Pat snapped of Savannah (and Maggie) before Savannah went into this bout of teething... I thought it was too cute not to share.

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Megan said...

That is a cute photo! :) I hope y'all have gotten some rest and Savannah feels better.