Saturday, November 1, 2008

A few people we saw yesterday...

Among the ladybugs and princesses we saw out trick-o-treating yesterday, we saw a few unusual costumes... and several that just stood out to me and I had to take their pictures.
The first one had to be the sister and brother duo who stole the show as Sarah Palin and John McCain. It doesn't matter what your political preference is, these two were just adorable and everyone had to snap their pictures.
The little girl had her hair up, a pair of red glasses and was wearing a business suit and shiny silver shoes. She was even carrying a little trending purse.
Her brother, who had to be Savannah's age or younger, had gray hair and was wearing a three piece suit.
Their parents told me the little girl was very excited to be Sarah Palin... and everyone was taking her picture. I think they have a budding politician on their hands.
There was even an older Sarah Palin (not the real one) at The Lawn yesterday... just wish I could have gotten a picture of the two Palins together.
I snapped the third picture as we were leaving yesterday... my Aunt Linda, who reads this blog, loves Tony Stewart. I saw this little boy sitting on the grass and had to snap his picture... he didn't even know I was trying to capture his image and share this Nascar fan with you.


Megan said...

The Palin/McCain kids are just great! And I don't even like Palin/McCain. :)

Anonymous said...