Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy, busy week...

We're gearing up for another busy week here in the Fitzgerald house... it seems like we've always got lots to do and little time to do them all.
Things start off with a bang tomorrow as we have an appointment to get our family holiday photo taken. This will be our last chance to take pictures before Julius arrives and I want to document us now... plus, we haven't had any professional pictures taken of the three of us and I thought that would be nice.
I want Savannah to know we were a family unit before her little brother came into the picture.. so off we go to Sears tomorrow.
On Tuesday, I'm going to get some blood work done to see if I have gestational diabetes... this is a routine test (and one I had to take twice during my first pregnancy because I had a piece of bread that morning). They take your blood, make you drink a nasty glucose drink and take your blood again after an hour.
All of this is after not being able to eat for the eight previous hours... so it's not going to be a fun day for me!
I have play dates set up for Savannah on Wednesday and Thursday. We're going to the Discovery Museum on Wednesday with a few other mommies and children and then meeting some of them on Thursday for an actual play date.
I realized the other week that Savannah really needs to be around other children... she enjoyed interacting with the other kids at the Wiggles concert. I'm secretly hoping the play dates will help wear her out and we can get her on a decent sleep schedule... something she really isn't on right now.
I also have an appointment on Thursday for Savannah at the University of Virginia's Child Language Lab. They asked for volunteers for a study on 18-month-olds and how they interact through language... I thought it would be neat to let Savannah take part in that.
We end our busy week on Saturday night with a trip to Virginia Beach to see Grammy and Papa... that is what we're all looking forward to the most as we hope to take Savannah to see Santa Claus again at the Lynhaven Mall... hopefully she won't pull Santa's beard this time.

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