Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Savannah finds Daddy's iPod...

I know every parent says their child is smart... but I have to share this story to once again prove we're have a little genius in our midst.
Savannah found her Daddy's iPod today... the very expensive one I bought him the first year we were married. She picked it up and handed it over to me and said "Toot Toot" as if she knew the Wiggles were locked up somewhere inside this small contraption.
Pat does indeed have several Wiggles songs on the iPod, but swears he's never let her listen to it. The only way she knows about the iPod is by watching her Daddy fiddle with it when we want her to calm down in the car... the Wiggles are Savannah's "baby crack"... they calm her down every time!
I put on the Wiggles and put the ear bud to her ear... before I knew it she was listening to them on her own. I shot these pictures before she put the headphones up to each ear.
She is a very smart little girl!

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